Italian Pepper Steak Ribs Duck Knuckles

The Loose Goose is perfect for…

Romantic dinners, birthdays, corporate functions, or just a darn good meal!

Loose Goose Menu

Enjoy a 3 course meal at the Loose Goose Bar & Restaurant in Esperance, Western Australia.

Loose Goose Specialties

Try some of our signature meals that the Loose Goose is nationally recognised for...


9A Andrew Street
Esperance WA 6450
Phone: (08) 9071 2320

Opening hours

Monday: 4:00pm to Midnight
Tuesday: 4:00pm to Midnight
Wednesday: 4:00pm to Midnight
Thursday: 4:00pm to Midnight
Friday: 4:00pm to Midnight
Saturday: 4:00pm to Midnight
Sunday: 4:00pm to 10pm

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